A Touch Of Vintage

I have been working on some heritage pages lately after a long period of neglect and I am in full swing with heritage at the moment. So I really cannot miss this opportunity to be using the two new kits in store for my pages. I hope you like these layouts









Sadly I do not know who these two young men are and My Mom doesn’t know either but they were in my grandmothers photo box.









This one is my grandfather and possibly some of his relatives and I think one of them is a friend.


These lovely layouts is by Lisa my CT

Aunty Lilly

This lady was my aunt and she sadly died at a young age, I was just 5 years old when she passed, so this layout holds a special place especially with my cousin Aunt Lilly’s daughter.


This one is my great Aunt and I only actually met her once as she emigrated to Australia.

The kits i used for these layouts are still both on 50% sale at the moment but the sale is scheduled to finish on the 31st July, but if you would like to have a peek at these offers you can find them on sale in both my stores.


A Victorian Gentleman available at

Escape & Scrap

My Memories


A Edwardian Lady

Escape & Scrap


Explore 10

Oh my, I came to do a post this evening, now I knew it had been a while since my last one but I am shocked to see it was actually in May, oh how time is just flying by, I do wish it would slow down a bit.

So much has been going on too, first I will tell you about Julie at Escape & Scrap, some may already be aware that Escape and Scrap are celebrating their 10th anniversary and we have all been quite excited about the designer collab to mark this celebration, well there are not many stores that have been running that long and we all feel so proud of Julie and all her hard work with the store and I am sure that she is very happy to be celebrating 10 years. Julie has made a short video telling the history of the store and how she started Escape back in 2004 and you can view this video on the homepage here, its worth watching and so lovely to see a store owner on video talking to the customers, it gives the store a personal touch.


The store collab is amazing and you still have time to get the kit for free with any purchase in the store, you can find all the details here, but this offer will finish at the end of 31st. The store designers have all been busy creating add ons for the collab and these are all also on sale until the end of July. So be sure to check them out.

Here is my own contribution to Explore 10


I have two new kits in store since my last post but I will save all the details for tomorrow as I have been working non stop this weekend and getting a tad bit tired now, in serious need of a break. Hope you all having a great weekend and will catch up tomorrow.


Sweet Baby Boy + Freebie

Being married to someone who has 9 brothers and sisters means one very big family and so there is always some kind of celebration happening and with 26 nephews and nieces new arrivals always seem to be top of the list for celebrations. Sweet Baby girl has been a huge help to me for all those scrap pages and now I have just released the Sweet Baby Boy collection, they are available to buy as bundle with a 28% discount at the moment. The bundle is a huge collection of quickpages, wordart, clusters, elements and papers. I usually like the girly kits the most but I particularly prefer the boy kit in this collection, I think its the cute teddy that I am drawn to the most.


wm-sbb-wordspreview     wm-sbb-clusterspreview

wm-sbb-quickpagespreview     Wisteria-Moments--Kit-Wrapper-Recovered-copy

I have a small freebie available which you can grab here.


Create A Watercolour Sketch From Your Photographs.

I just love the softness of watercolor sketches and have been experimenting with Photoshop to get this lovely effect, so today I wanted to share with you this tutorial I have put together with a step by step guide of how I achieved this technique. Here are two layouts which I have worked on  this week using Photoshop CS6, these techniques will also work in Photoshop Elements although there maybe a couple of steps that have to be achieved a little differently, I will cover the ones that I know about.

Untitled-5    rr

Try to use good quality clear photographs for the best results.

Open a new file 3600 x 3600 and 300dpi using a plain paper, I chose a light color paper as I like the way the sketch truly stood out. Drop your chosen photograph onto the paper and make a duplicate.

Screenshot (1)

Now make the copy photograph invisible for the moment.

Screenshot (2)











Working on the first photo go to filter select stylize and find edges

Screenshot (14)

Now adjust the hue and saturation level to-100

Screenshot (4)

Now go to Image, Adjustments and Curves (For PSE I think you will need to go to Enhance, Adjust and Lighting levels and use the slider)

Screenshot (15)

Set the output level to around 180 and the input to around 130 or to your liking, you will now have a black and white image.

Screenshot (5)

In the layers palette select the blending mode to Darken as shown below, this will remove the white background leaving you with just the black sketch lines.

Screenshot (16)            Screenshot (6)

Using the alt key on your keyboard select the layer mask icon as shown below.

Screenshot (18)

This will now make your picture invisible, this is where you will select a paint brush to brush back the photo, I used a watercolor brush.

Make sure you have the mask thumbnail selected and not the photo thumbnail.

Screenshot (7)       Screenshot (8)

Now we go through the same steps on the copied photo, make the second photo visible and create a layer mask as before. Again making sure you have the mask thumbnail selected and not the photo thumbnail.

Screenshot (9)

I played around with the paint brushes painting or out until I had the look that I like best.

When finished I just added some texture and paint splats on the page.

We Have A New Designer

Yes some more exciting news, I have a new Designer on board with me now and Have just sent out a newsletter announcing that Lesley of Nutkin Tailz has joined the store. So lots more goodies for you to choose from, you can see a couple of Lesley’s kits below and just a few new products from myself.

Aidens Reef is a gorgeous bright kit with a tropical warm feel.

Aidens Reef


A year to Remember is just perfect for annual journaling

A year To Remember

A couple of new kits from me, the first one is a cute kit called Daydream Sally ( thats me lol only joking)

wm-ds-daydream sally previewI have some lovely layout’s created by my CT team.

These two gorgeous pages by Lisa Marshall


Daydream-Sally-2and these two by Julie Prowse

Granite IslandSweet HollyThe second new product is Sweet Baby Girl, so cute

wm-sbg-previewand some more layouts by Lisa

3-1703140656223-1703140659403-170314070139Love how Lisa trailed the flowers across the frame on this one.

Just a few layouts I did myself

Quickpage 1Quickpage 2Quickpage 3Quickpage 4So thats about it on the news and new products, but I do have a new Coupon Code for the store which you can pick up in this months newsletter here.

Exciting News

Wisteria Moments is…

Excited to announce it’s Brand New Website and Forum

All new member sign ups in our forum through out the month of February will have the opportunity to choose one of our new featured kits below for free. All you need to do is pop along to the forum to sign up, introduce yourself and tell us which kit you would like to receive and we will send you a link to download your favorite kit.

Why not check out our New Website and Forum here… Wisteria Moments and sign up for your FREE kit now…