Hope you have all had a great time shopping at Black Friday sales, I know I have, been going crazy this year there is so much talent out there and my wish list was huge, I have a big hole in my pocket now lol well I guess there is plenty of time to save till the next sales come around.
I have been meaning to write this post here for the past several days and I am afraid that my blog is badly neglected and is always my last port of call to up date but I do have some good news for you, well actually its good and sad really. Some of you may have already heard that the Digital Design Den is closing down at the end of November which is a very sad loss to myself and its members, we are all going to miss the den very much. But there are some fabulous bargains to be had and there is still 4 days left, so if your not completely spent out why not pop along to see what is on offer. All my kits are on sale for just $2 at the Den here.
Just a few of the bargains you can find in store
 Layouts using Shabby Autumn
By Anika
 By Ounooi
By Zanthia
My new store will be at e-scape and scrap and you can grab some great bargains there to until the end of November while I have my 40% opening sale. I have my new products at e-scape here is just a few…