I wonder how many of us have software sitting on their PC and have barely looked at it let alone use it. Well I can say that I am guilty on that one, I have been using Microsoft Office for years now and I think the very first version of One Note was released back in 2003. I guess that I had probably looked at One Note and wrote a few things in there just a couple of times and I have never really taken the time to check out it’s full potential, that is until recently.

I have been digital scrapbooking for almost 4 years now and designing for the last 3 so you can imagine my scrapbooking files are growing into a huge amount of data and has become somewhat of a headache to find exactly what I want without trawling through endless files. I was pleasantly surprised to recently learn that I could use One Note to keep track of all my digital supplies and I wish I had taken some time years ago to discover how useful and versatile this program is, read on for some helpful tips on how to organize not only your Scrap kits but your photo albums too.

You will find One Note user friendly and super fast to set up.

First You will need to create your notebook, I have created several notebooks one for my Digital Data, one for Photographs and one for personal stuff.

Once you have created your first notebook (which is just a case of creating a new book and assigning your chosen name) you have the option to create color coded tabs across the top of the page. I have divided mine into Kits, Commercial Use, Templates, Quickpages and so on.

The screen print below will give you an idea how it will look.

Untitled-4Next step is to create your pages within each tab, located down the right hand side of the page. For example in my kits tab I have created a separate page for each designer, as you can see below.

My Kits

Now this is the fun bit, you can literally just drag and drop the preview picture of your kit onto the page, I then typed some tags for the kit underneath highlighted them and added the tag symbol. Copy the link from the top of the page where your file for the kit is located and paste into your notebook (you can see mine highlighted in blue).

I can now open my notebook, scroll down the pages and see all of the previews to my kits in an instance without going in and out of folders searching. The great thing about the link is I can click on this and go directly to the folder I need.

There is so much more you can do with One Note that I have not yet had chance to try out. There is a snipping tool which allows you to collect data from the internet and save for a later date, its just brilliant. I came across this post today written by Katherine Murray which is full of information about using One Note and I for one is looking forward to learning more about utilizing this program to its full potential. To read more visit 10 Tips For Using One Note.