I have been working on some heritage pages lately after a long period of neglect and I am in full swing with heritage at the moment. So I really cannot miss this opportunity to be using the two new kits in store for my pages. I hope you like these layouts









Sadly I do not know who these two young men are and My Mom doesn’t know either but they were in my grandmothers photo box.









This one is my grandfather and possibly some of his relatives and I think one of them is a friend.


These lovely layouts is by Lisa my CT

Aunty Lilly

This lady was my aunt and she sadly died at a young age, I was just 5 years old when she passed, so this layout holds a special place especially with my cousin Aunt Lilly’s daughter.


This one is my great Aunt and I only actually met her once as she emigrated to Australia.

The kits i used for these layouts are still both on 50% sale at the moment but the sale is scheduled to finish on the 31st July, but if you would like to have a peek at these offers you can find them on sale in both my stores.


A Victorian Gentleman available at

Escape & Scrap

My Memories


A Edwardian Lady

Escape & Scrap