Guide To Scrapbooking

Practical Beginners Guide To Digital Scrap-booking

Once you start learning how to digital scrapbook you will find that you very quickly become addicted, as it is fun, clean and practically fool proof. No need to cover up your errors, simply correct them with just a few simple clicks. You can play with your layouts until you are perfectly happy with the results. Below I have listed some simple tips to get you started.

Which Photo Editing Software Do I Choose?

Of course you will need to use photo editing software to create your layouts. Adobe Photoshop Elements is the most widely used program in the digital world of scrapbooking.

Will I Need A 12 x 12 Printer?

The simple answer to this is no not at all. Most digital layouts are created using 12 x 12 pages which are easily resized to 8 x 8 for printing purposes. Should you want to print your layouts in 12 x 12 there are places you can get them printed in any size you choose.

Will I Be Able To Share My Layouts?

Yes there many ways you can share all your work, here are a few methods you will be able to use. Print your layouts and give them to friends and family. Burn layouts onto a DVD and create a video. Upload your layouts to a gallery online and share the links. Email your layouts. Use free or low cost photo services such as Picasa, Yahoos 360, My Photo Album, these are just a few sites you can use.

Is Digital Scrap-booking Expensive?

Definitely not, as all of your supplies can be used over and over again for ever and most digital scrapbook kits are far more affordable than paper supplies are from craft shops. You will also find an abundance of freebies from designers thus helping to keep costs down even more.

Will I Be Able To Find Tutorials To Help Me Learn?

Absolutely, again there are plenty of sites offering plenty of tutorials, some are free and some are only through subscriptions, but even the subscriptions are  a very low cost per month. Most digital shops also have blogs and forums which you can join and find even more help when needed.

Do I Need To Download My Supplies?

Yes all digital supplies are available for you to download immediately after payment. Some shops do offer a cd service if required.

Will I Need Software To Organize My Supplies?

There is software available to purchase but you do not necessarily need to use them as there are plenty of free options available such as Windows Live Photo Gallery and Google’s Picasa, just to name a few.

Will I Be Able To Use My Old Photos In My Layouts?

Yes, you can use your old photos but you will need to own a scanner to get those photo’s onto your PC.

With those questions answered its time to get started….

       Using Your Computer To Scrapbook Your Memories

Let’s take a look at how we can use our computer to create digital scrapbook pages to record your memories, display your photographs and tell your stories. I hope to give you some insight and inspiration to try something new as digital scrapbooking can be used for hybrid projects too.

Firstly we will define some terms that we use in the scrapbooking world.

1. Traditional Scrapbooking is a paper layout without the use of a computer.

2. Hybrid Scrapbooking is a paper layout that includes digital elements printed from your computer. These can include some journaling or embellishments, your layout can start as a traditional paper layout or can be printed from your computer and have the traditional elements added after.

3. Digital scrapbooking is a layout made solely on your computer and then printed either by yourself on a home printer or by a professional developer / printers.

There are no rules, it is simply a matter of preference and suitability.

The first thing you will need to think about is which software you will choose. The software you choose needs to be able to read file formats most commonly used in scrapbooking which are png, jpg, abr, and psd. 

There are free programs available on the internet alongside a range of photo editing programs. But if you are only looking to print digital elements such as journaling blocks or papers to use for traditional scrapbooking projects you will find that Microsoft Word will be more than suitable for your needs. But you must be aware that word can only open png files and is not suitable for psd files.

If you want to be able to open png, abr, jpg and psd files you will need to check out suitable programs like out Adobe Photoshop Elements or My Memories Suite. Using one of these photo-editing programs you will work with digital elements, import/adjust your photos, type your journaling, and fully create your digital layouts.

Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Photoshop CS5 is the most popular and widely used program, but there is huge difference in cost. If you check on the Adobe website you will find that both these products are offered on a trial basis, this will give you time to work with them to help you decide which one will suit your needs before making any purchase.

Photoshop Elements is capable of many of the same functions as Photoshop CS5 and is going to do everything that you will require it to do for all your scrap booking needs.
Learning the basics of either program is going to a challenge to begin with and you will find so Learning the basics of either program is going to a challenge to begin with and you will find some online classes which will prove to be invaluable.

I have listed below some suitable software suggestions, Photoshop Elements is the most popular in the digital world and can be purchased at a reasonable price. But if you are looking for something even more economical gimp is a free piece of software which can be downloaded from the internet. If you are not sure if you are going to like digital scrap booking it would be a good idea to start with a free one before making any purchases. I would say that eventually as your talent grows photoshop elements is the way forward.


Adobe Photoshop Elements  software delivers powerful yet easy-to-use editing options that help you tell your life stories in amazing ways. Make every photo look its best and quickly share your memories on Facebook in On-line Albums and in printed photo books, cards, calendars, and scrapbook layouts. With Adobe Photoshop Elements 9, you can enjoy a complete solution for photos whether you’re using Microsoft Windows or Mac OS.

Make every photo look the way you want with easy-to-use editing options.
Make photo books, cards, calendars and scrapbook layouts look just the way you want.
Quickly share photos in fun, interactive On-line Albums and on mobile devices.
Automatically organise all your photos and video clips from one convenient place.

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